Sunday, 25 January 2009

Oh, look at the muscle!

The muscle car, that is. Larry ain't no muscleman, that's for sure. The car's a Plymouth Belvedere, 1956 vintage, just like me. It represents what I'm coming to think of as "classic America", big and gaudy with '50s chrome. Here's the same smooth, shiny lines of the Happy Days diner and the Harley.

When we were in Port Townsend we visited such a diner, where I had a fabulous clam chowder and creamy milk shake. The chrome-and-formica counter, the curvy jukebox and the old-fashioned Coke fridge were all present and correct. It was almost as romantic, for me, as seeing the old gold towns. Or visiting Billy the Kid's grave.

But I digress. Here's this big ol' car with massive metal chassis and body, big leather bench seats, and the proud driver alongside. He cares not a fig for the terrible mileage (15 miles to the US gallon), he'd get another in a moment.

Me, I am caught between nostalgia and horror, and right now I'm not sure which will win in the end.


Tor Willy said...

Shirley, Kevin, you should get yourself proper automobile to restore ;) As for environmental isues, old cars at least keeps a new one off the roads. The environmental footprint is 75/25 in emissions on production vs. 15 yrs of daily use. If you don't buy the propaganda from car nuts like me, you could always set out to restore an old banger just to experience the meditative qualities of being around some engineer and designer's brainchild, many years after it was supposed to be scrapped.

wertperch said...

I'm actually a big fan of car restoration. After all, they clearly do not make 'em like they used to. And 1956 was such a good year, and I should know.

Some of my favourite cars are of 1950/60 vintage. The original Triumph Vitesse, the Spitfire, and as you say, the classic Aston Martins.