Friday, 25 December 2009

Candied Bacon!

I have to confess. Like many ex-vegetarians, I was undone by bacon. I've long been a fan, it was a staple of English Sunday breakfasts, was used to bard roast chicken and was added to soups and casseroles.

Lately I've succumbed to a Southern American tradition in which so many recipes begin "fry an onion in bacon grease", and it's one of the refrigerator staples that I'll rush to replenish any time we run short.

Imagine my delight when our dear friend Caroline presented me with a package of "Candied Bacon" today. Having conspired with Christine's cousin Nono she prepared a dozen strips of this strange sweetmeat for my delectation. Now my day is complete, apart from eating it all, of course.

Next year - bacon turducken!


Caroline said...

Happy New Year!!!! Hope all is well... Happy Blogging!!

Robin Z said...

I recently heard that those who call themselves Vegetarians, but occasionally succumb to the temptation of meat (Interestingly, bacon was the number one temptation named) are called Cheatarians now. They had another word, though I didn’t retain it, for those who are Vegetarians to please their loved ones, but are omnivores when the loved one is not present….Opportunarians perhaps.

wertperch said...

Funnily enough, this very morning (before I read your comment) we were discussing the vegan diet.

Christine had said she'd felt healthier whilst (briefly) eating a vegan diet during our Lake Matinenda vacation. My response was that I'd be a vegan were it not for bacon. Maybe, I said, I'd be a BaconVegan. The jury was out on that, and now I prefer "Cheatarian". Thank you, Robin!